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Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back From Someone Else

Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back From Someone Else

It’s the worst feeling in the whole world: watching your ex boyfriend start dating a new girl. While you’re trying to repair your relationship, this type of scenario is like a knife through the heart. You’ll feel despair, jealousy, and a host of other emotions that will be hard to control. But in the end? It might not be as bad as you think.

One of the best chances you have of getting back together with your ex lies in this one simple fact: most rebound relationships fail within the first month, or possibly two. As your ex-boyfriend’s new romance falls apart, he’ll be extremely vulnerable again. Until this time, you’ll need to suck it up and steer clear of anything to do with him. You can’t call him, show up to confront him, or try to talk him out of dating this new girl. Be sure not to express any jealous feelings whatsoever, if you want to maintain his respect and have any chance of renewing your own relationship.

Rebound relationships are very common, especially if you and your boyfriend were involved in a long term relationship. In an effort to bounce back from losing someone he cared about, your ex might have jumped right into another romance with someone he hardly knows. This hurts, and watching him put his arm around another girl will be one of the hardest things you’ll ever go through. But believe it or not, your ex boyfriend getting involved in a rebound relationship is actually not all bad news.

The Good News About Your Ex Boyfriend Dating Again:

Since almost every rebound relationship fails at around week five or six, you can use that failure as a way back into his heart again. As your ex’s new relationship crumbles away, he’ll be looking for someone to talk to. He’ll also want someone he knows and is familiar with, and that person will undoubtedly be you. Instead of being angry or bitter about your ex dating someone else, you need to be supportive and loving when this time comes. By helping him pick up the pieces and put things back together again, you can actually rebuild a new relationship and a future together. Patience is key here. Instead of thinking about your ex with this other woman, try to concentrate on your end goal: getting back together. Instead of envisioning the two of them kissing, hugging, and everything else, think ahead to the time in the not-so-distant future when the two of you will be wrapped in each other’s arms again. By realizing that you will be the one who ends up with him, you can put aside the jealousy and try to minimize the pain. It always hurts to think of your boyfriend with another girl, but if you really want him back, you need to look at the big picture.

Hastily Buried Emotions Don’t Always Stay Buried:

If your ex started dating again very quickly after the two of you broke up, the chances of his new relationship working out are even slimmer. This is because he never had time to process his feelings for you or to get over the breakup. Instead, your ex chose to quickly bury his feelings for you in order to move forward with his new girlfriend. In the hurry to do this, he probably didn’t bury those emotions very deep. This means it will be a lot easier for you to pull them out again, dust them off, and show them to him when the time is right.

Being There When He Falls – Getting Back With Your Ex:

Given enough time, your ex boyfriend will eventually be single again. As the white-hot sparks from his rebound fling die out, he’s going to be exposed and unprotected… and that’s where you come in. Not only will you be someone he knows, but also somebody he loves and trusts. You’ll be the comfortable, familiar choice when it comes to whatever his needs may be. Additionally, there’s a good chance your ex was thinking a lot about you during the time he was dating his new girlfriend… especially toward the end, when he realized things just weren’t working out. Odds are good he was thinking back to the awesome times the two of you had together and wondering why he dumped you in the first place.

Guys compare the girl they’re dating to the girl they just dated very often, and usually in times of crisis. This is where you’ll come out on top, and he’s going to glorify the days where you both had happy times together. Being in proper position when your ex’s rebound romance blows up is crucial. You need to be confident, positive, and ready to help him through whatever comes next. He may be emotional, and he may have residual feelings for this girl. You can’t show weakness or jealousy here – you need to be his rock. Give him attention, and lots of positive re-enforcement. Don’t go too quickly, but rather let him proceed at his own pace. You’re there for him, and you can guide him, but you can’t twist your ex’s arm behind his back and force him into a relationship with you right away… give him some time, and don’t be anxious.

Falling back into the role of girlfriend and boyfriend again should be easy, but it’s made even simpler when you know these important techniques. By learning all you can here, you can actually recreate the magic that occured at the beginning of your relationship, attracting your boyfriend back to you all the more quickly.

Stealing Your Ex Back From His New Girlfriend:

Even though most rebound relationships fall to pieces rather quickly, there’s always the occasion where one sticks. If your exboyfriend is dating a new girl for longer than two months, there are still actions you can take to win him back. The technique for this requires a bit more time and patience, but the general rules are the same. Initially, you’ll need to do the hardest thing of all: nothing. When your ex starts dating someone else, the relationship first goes through a sort of honeymoon.

During this time, it’s nothing but romance and excitement. Anything and everything you could possibly say would bounce right off your ex’s new romance, so it’s always best to avoid contact and not even to try. As you wait out this difficult time, try not to concentrate on your ex at all. Work on improving yourself, both mentally and physically, and doing things that keep your mind off the fact that your ex-boyfriend is dating another girl. Lean on friends and family to help get you through it, and try to maintain a positive outlook. Again, look ahead to the end goal: the day that you and your exboyfriend are once again back together.

Best Techniques To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Miss You:

The hardest part about letting go of someone is losing contact with them, especially if you were close. Still, if you want your ex boyfriend to miss and want you again, this is exactly what you need to do. Hanging around and keeping in touch with your ex while he’s dating someone else will only make him feel more confident about his situation. But removing yourself from view and disappearing for a while will always get your ex thinking and wondering about you. From that point, missing you is not far off. Your ex boyfriend will miss you most when two things occur: first, when he hasn’t seen or heard from you in a long while. Second, whenever he’s fighting or arguing with his new girlfriend.

As his shiny new romance begins to dull a bit, he’ll run into the same snags as any other relationship. Yet the difference here will be this: he’ll be comparing the actions of his new girlfriend to you. He’ll hold her to your standards, especially if the two of you had a better, closer relationship than the one he’s in right now. To keep your ex thinking about you, make sure you’ve cut all the lines of communication during the first few weeks or months of his new relationship. Don’t respond to any attempts by him to contact you either, whether they be through phone calls, emails, text messages, or whatever. Let him wonder if you’ve moved on. Let him worry that you found someone else. In time, you’ll get back in touch with him. But not until you’ve spent enough time apart to get him really missing and reminiscing about you.

Reconnecting With An Ex When He Has A New Girlfriend:

After a while, when your ex’s new relationship is no longer new and the two of you have been apart for a while, you’ll need to re-establish contact with your exboyfriend. If you’ve done the right thing and haven’t communicated with him at all during this time period, accomplishing this task should be easy. Your ex will already be curious about where you are and what you’ve been up to, and anything you say to him won’t come off as desperate or needy. You’ve demonstrated that you’re over the break up, and have let him go… so whatever conversation you have with him will come off as friendly and casual.

As the two of you begin talking again, understand something: your ex has a new girlfriend, so he may be very secretive about any communication he has with you. Don’t allow this to make you jealous, as it’s a necessary part of getting him back. When he brings up the subject of his new girlfriend, don’t let it be awkward for him or for you. Be supportive and cool about it. A phone call or short email should be enough to re-open the lines of communication. However, the best contact you can make with an ex is one where he calls you. There are some great methods and techniques you can use to get your ex boyfriend to call you, so find out what they are and start the ball rolling. And whatever you do, don’t bash his new girl. You can’t badmouth your exboyfriend’s new love interest, because it’s going to tip him off that you’ve got ulterior motives.

Your goal should be to initiate a sort of secret friendship with your ex, where he feels he can come to you with just about anything. As he trusts and confides in you, you’re actually putting yourself in a position to make the right move at the right time. Listen to anything he has to say, and don’t be judgmental. Eventually, he’ll begin talking openly about his relationship with this new girl, especially when you’re speaking to him about it easily and without jealousy. You’ll learn his likes, his dislikes, and what the state of his relationship is with her. Over time, you’ll also learn when the opportunities for getting him back are highest.

Getting Your Ex Boyfriend To Meet With You:

When the two of you have established a sort of kinship once more, your exboyfriend will begin seeing you as someone very close to him. While it’s never good to be friends with your ex, in the case where your ex boyfriend is dating someone else, this type of arrangement is often necessary to get him back. Here’s where you’ll want to set up a face-to-face encounter with your ex, and he’ll be pretty excited to see you again. It may need to be done somewhere that his new girlfriend doesn’t get wind of it, but the forbiddeness and danger of such a reunion date will actually make things more exciting for him. Ask your ex casually if he’d like to meet up for lunch. Coffee is another good invite. These types of meetings are a lot shorter and less formal than going to dinner, and they have a finality to them because when the meal is over you can both go your separate ways. Your ex boyfriend will be very likely to accept your invitation, and let him pick the place if it makes him feel more comfortable. You’ll want to make the meeting seem as innocent as possible – just two old friends getting together who have some casual catching up to do.

Getting Your Ex Back Into The Mindset of Dating You:

You have one very important set of tools that your ex’s new girlfriend does not have: a whole bunch of great memories together. Over time, the fights and arguments fade but the good memories always seem to be glorified. Your ex remembers these great times as well as you do, so now’s the time to use them to your advantage. There are some excellent methods for using your past history to lure your ex back into wanting a relationship with you again. Some of them are a little tricky – so you need to be careful not to overdo it – but they’re actually one of the most effective ways of turning your exboyfriend’s thoughts back to you.

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